• Solar Home Light System In Domestic Area
  • Soalr Water Pumping System
  • Industry Tele-communication & Public Services
  • Solar Roof Top / Solar Power Plant
  • Solar lighting System
  • Solar fencing / Solar Mobile Charger

Infinity Solar is a vertically integrated business model from the production of crystalline wafers and cells to the assembly of high quality modules. We have earned the most key certifications in order to deliver high-quality and cost-effective products to our on-grid and off-grid commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and utility scale customers around the world.

We produce standard solar Mono & Multi crystalline modules ranging from 3 W to 300 W in power output built to general specifications for use in a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial and other solar power generation systems. The variation in power output is based on the conversion efficiency of the cells used in our solar modules, as well as the types of cells. We assemble solar modules either from mono crystalline or multi crystalline cells. We also design and produce solar modules based on our customers’ specifications. Our solar modules are sealed, weatherproof and able to withstand high levels of ultraviolet radiation and moisture. We sell our modules under our Infinity brand

Solar energy is the most easily and abundant power source available to humans today. If we were to harness all the energy received from the sun in an hour, it would be sufficient to meet a year’s requirement of energy for all humans on earth.

Over the past decade technology has made it very cost effective and efficient to capture a large amount of solar energy received on earth. The primary constraint of solar energy today is the high requirement of space. However if one were to utilize the unproductive commercial, industrial and residential roof space available, the problem of space constraint would be easily resolved.

Solar Power Tech can offer their customers with a system which utilizes grid-tie architecture to seamlessly integrate generated solar power into the home’s mini-grid thereby replacing grid power up to the capacity installed.

The system will automatically synchronize with the grid or diesel generator voltage, frequency and phase. It can be used to provide power to loads like machinery, lighting etc. Our system is designed in a typical grid-tie architecture where the solar PV output supplements the grid connected power supply of the home/office.

Powertrac Soalr panels have been installed in roof-tops across Europe and India. We can provide our customers with a complete end to end EPC solution with regards to their requirements for roof-top installations. Powertrac Soalr through their strategic tie-ups are able to install solar systems on all types of roof spaces available.